Gerrit updated to 2.11 – being in-line, changing change screens and the return of the king!

I’ve just finished updating Gerrit to the latest release 2.11. This gives us some amazingly cool new features to play with:

  • The Return of The King or: The Empire strikes back! Authentication using Google’s Oauth2 is supported now. When logging in, you can choose between github (the preferred supplier) or Google.
    (This is going to change once more this year and then hopefully never again. User accounts have been preserved now, though, and will be preserved when I’m done with the authentication changes I’m preparing.)
  • Gerrit is now back where it belongs – in Tomcat. That makes it faster and more reliable.

You can find the complete release notes for Gerrit 2.11 here.


Great Article about Exherbo’s MultiArch is online!

Here’s a great article about Exherbo’s MultiArch!

You’ll find it on these sites as well (please up-vote it if you like it!):




Others will hopefully follow. I’ll update this post accordingly.

Gerrit update tomorrow

Just a short heads-up: I’m going to update our Gerrit installation tomorrow so please expect some downtime.