News about Gerrit, Jenkins & friends

Here are a few things I’ve updated on Gerrit, Jenkins and associated tools:

  1. Gerrit
    • The Gerrit bot, gerritwk23, has now support for !pl (and pl in a query). It’s just like zebrapig’s !pl.
    • I’ve updated Gerrit in mid-Decembre. Since then, you can switch to a newly designed “Change View” which you’ll find under your account’s settings in the “Change View” option. There’s also an associated “Diff View” option to set your preferred diff style if you switch to the new Change View.

2. Jenkins

    • In its build logs, you’ll now find the mounts, the cave resolve command and the (likely) dependencies gathered from the installed package. Dependency information might not be 100% accurate so please take it with a grain of salt but it’s usually a good indicator.
      Look out for “**************************************************************” to find that information.


If you have any ideas about what else to improve, please let me know.

Another good reason to use Gerrit: Jenkins is at your service

If it’s not yet good enough for you that using Gerrit

  • is even easier and faster than using zebrapig (you just push your change and you’re done! And if you use git review it’s getting even easier.),
  • the review turn-around times are often better when using Gerrit than zebrapig,
  • discussing patches can be done both when you’re on IRC and on Gerrit,

then here’s another good reason to use it: I’ve set up Jenkins for all repositories on Gerrit to build every change in a chroot (including sydbox-1, pinktrace-1 and docs).

For now, all reports only go to me (and anyone else who wants to get an email with the result included) and Jenkins will not report back to Gerrit because the setup is quite fragile yet and I want to be sure it works properly before making it do more.

No idea how to use Gerrit? Just read my earlier posts Gerrit Code Review for Exherbo and Gerrit for Core-Devs. Of course, you can ask me, too. :-)