Gerrit installation updated to the 2.7 release, pesky “internal server error” fixed

I’ve just updated the Gerrit installation to the 2.7 release and fixed the pesky “internal server error” that occurred when entering a user name or similar.

I’ve also updated my posts on Gerrit and the FAQ-like post for core devs:

Gerrit Code Review for Exherbo

Gerrit for Core-Devs



Samba has no maintainer on Exherbo any more

After having worked with Samba for almost 20 years, I'm giving up now.

I have submitted patches upstream when Samba (and I :) ) was young,
I've proof-read books on Samba and NTLM but where they're going, I
can't follow them any more.

- Samba 4.1.0 doesn't even build for me any more and I'm too
frustrated to figure it out.

- In Samba 4.1.0, SWAT (the configuration web interface) seems to have
been removed. I might be missing something but if I'm not, that sucks.

- Samba's "new" crappy build system WAF is just horrible and I simply
don't understand it. I asked for help (and it was offered) but nothing
was ever done.

- New versions of Samba 4 try to build against already installed
versions in the live filesystem and I don't understand WAF enough to
fix that.

I've just removed myself from BUGS_TO. If you want it, take it but if
you do, do me a favour and do a better job than me and make sure
you're weird enough to understand (and ideally like) WAF.